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Travis White Tribe Brand New Music
December 2019 Onwards....

Travis White Tribe introducing brand new music.


December 2019 - Travis White Tribe is a band led by Travis White. The project is back on the scene with some exciting new music.


In fact, the group is going to release a brand new single and music video every month, to keep a steady flow of music coming, and raise more awareness.


Their group’s sound is a forward-thinking exploration of rock and blues, with stunning melodies and great production aesthetics that truly highlight the huge range of this band.


Ultimately, Travis White Tribe are not afraid to push it to the limit when needed, but they also understand that at times, taking a step back is the best way to let the song breathe.


Fans of artists as diverse Dave Matthews, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles, which definitely share a common ground with Travis White Tribe and with the sound of this record.


Find out more about Travis White Tribe and listen to this exciting new stream of songs to be released soon.

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Tokyo, Japan